About NAIS

About NAIS

The Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Society (NAIS)  is a nonprofit organization that was established in October 1985 as a representative body for the Norwegian Artificial Intelligence community. It aims to promote the study, research, and application of Artificial Intelligence in Norway. NAIS is a European Association for Artificial Intelligence (EurAI) member and nominates Norwegian candidates for EurAI Fellowships and awards. NAIS organizes the Norwegian AI Symposium and the Scandinavian Conference on AI.

NAIS is a nonprofit entity representing AI professionals as individuals but not their organizations, companies, and academic institutions. We aim to serve as a focal point of interaction and cooperation among NAIS’s members and the Norwegian public. NAIS is a point of contact and forum facilitating communication between parties interested in AI.

NAIS members commit themselves to promoting the values of Norwegian society by ensuring the responsible use of AI in research and applications.


NAIS aims to:
● Promote Norwegian interest in artificial intelligence both in national and international context.
● Spread knowledge on AI-related methods to business and society in general, so that the methods can be applied and be useful.
● Be a bridge builder between different disciplines within the discipline AI, and thus increase the possibilities for fruitful cooperation between these.
● Be a unifying forum for research within AI in Norway.
● Be a forum for knowledge sharing and experience transfer.
● Conduct workshops and conferences within AI.