Call for EurAI Fellows 2024

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Nominations are sought for EurAI Fellows 2024. The EurAI Fellows program was initiated in 1999 to recognize individuals who have made significant, sustained contributions to the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in Europe. The EurAI Fellows Program honors only a tiny percentage of the total membership of all EurAI member societies (up to a maximum of 3%). Each Fellow will receive a Certificate signed by the EurAI Chair. The names of the recently elected Fellows are published each year on the EurAI Webpages and in the EurAI Bulletin. At each ECAI conference, a Fellows lunch will be sponsored by EurAI to honor the recently elected Fellows.

Who is Eligible to Be a EurAI Fellow?

Candidates must be current members of NAIS. Usually, only individuals who have contributed to AI for a decade or more after receiving their PhD (or are at an equivalent career stage) will be selected.

To register as a member, send an email to The membership fee is 200 NOK per year.

Who Can Make a Nomination?

An individual can be nominated in two different ways:

  1. The Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Society, as an EurAI member society, can make a nomination. The number of nominations is limited to a maximum of three per society.
  2. A nomination can be made by two EurAI Fellows who must be from different countries.

Nominations made by the Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Society 

To propose members to be nominated by NAIS, the following has the be sent to

  1. Summary of main contributions.
  2. Comprehensive CV.

NAIS will select candidates and coordinate the submission process.

The final submission to EurAI needs to include a statement confirming that the candidate is currently a member of NAIS, a comprehensive current CV of the candidate and three separate letters of reference, each of which should clearly make a case for why the individual is considered appropriate for the EurAI fellowship.

Deadline for submission to NAIS: November 30, 2023

The NAIS candidates for the EurAI Fellowship will be informed in early 2024.

More details about the EurAI Fellowship program can be found here:

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